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Private Music Teacher & Performing Artist

1-on-1 lessons

In-person or online

All ages and styles

Youth rock & pop bands

East Nashville TN, USA​

College of Music





  •  Guitar/Bass

  •  Harmonica

  •  Saxophone


1-on-1 Lessons

Whether you want to learn and grow for your own development or you're a professional musician wanting to hone your skills, I can help.

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Youth Bands

Lunar Eclipse at Bowery Vault
The Lalalas Band

For many, an important part of musicianship is learning to play with a band and performing for an audience. I’ve established some youth bands made up of my students, aged 10-17. Students learn how to do many things:


  • get along with each other in rehearsals and onstage

  • determine the best genre for the band and develop a style and sound

  • take turns running rehearsals

  • speak up and be heard

  • use body language to communicate musical messages

  • end a song

  • write a set list

  • make a bring-to-gig checklist

  • do a sound check

  • perform in front of an audience

  • gracefully receive accolades


These experiences foster a greater understanding of how to work in groups, develop social skills, and build confidence. It all ends up being huge fun for everybody. Lifelong friendships are made here. From time to time, a seat comes available.

Other Services

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In addition to teaching, I offer a number of services:

  • Studio vocal coaching

  • Lyric critiques

  • Song critiques

  • Vocal comping

  • Backup vocal arrangements

  • Horn & string arrangements

  • Studio musician for hire

  • Jingles

  • Solo/duo/trio or full band performances

  • House Concerts


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1-on-1 Lessons

$40 - 30 min

$60 - 45 min

$80 - 60 min


Band Rehearsals

$70 - 75 min

(Monthly or Bi-Monthly)

Preferred payment: Credit Card


Email Gwen and she'll get back to you shortly.

Phone or text: 615.482.6236

Located in East Nashville, TN, USA

Online or in-person lessons

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