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Private Music Teacher & Performing Artist

1-on-1 lessons

In-person or online

All ages and styles

Youth rock & pop bands

East Nashville TN, USA​

College of Music





  •  Guitar/Bass

  •  Harmonica

  •  Saxophone


1-on-1 Lessons

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All ages/levels.  Voice, piano, guitar, bass, harmonica, sax, songwriting. Rock, blues, country, pop, R&B, jazz, metal, punk.  No opera. Whether lessons are for personal growth or you're a professional or touring vocalist and/or musician wanting to hone your skills, I can help.  Graduate of Berklee College of Music, Boston.  Twenty years full-time teacher.  Forty years part-time performer.

What is the typical process for working with a new vocal student?


I listen to the student sing a verse and chorus of a song. I listen and create a custom plan of voice exercises based on what will benefit them the most. Lessons are typically half technique and half practical application. I cover posture and breathing, tone (including resonance and warmth), grit, vibrato, range, vowel modification, mic technique, etc. We work through songs section by section, incorporating stylistic choices and techniques to make the lyrics more compelling eg. putting pauses before important words and extending the first consonant.  I can also offer performance tips and guidance.

How did you get started doing this type of work?


I love teaching! When others make progress, I find it very fulfilling! It’s in my nature!  Also, having grown up in a musical family, I learned to love and crave the community that making music together creates.  I strive to recreate that with my students and with own band now as an adult.


I started by teaching music as a volunteer for W.O. Smith School of Music, Nashville, for several years, which is a music school for underprivileged kids. After that, I was hired by Jan Williams School of Music in Brentwood where I taught full-time for about 7 years before striking it out on my own.

Youth Bands

Lunar Eclipse at Bowery Vault
The Lalalas Band



I’ve established four pop and rock bands made up of my students, aged 10-17, to provide an opportunity for kids to make friends with other student musicians, to learn how to play together as a unit, and to perform in the community.  Lunar Eclipse rehearses every other Saturday.  The other bands, The Loose Cannons, Alternate Universe, and The Time Traders, rehearse every 4th weekend. 

Band members take turns being the band leader, which involves helping to run the rehearsal efficiently and effectively.  Students learn how communicate well, how to count songs in, how to end songs, as well as how to use hand signals and body language to tell the band to get louder or softer, repeat a section, keep soloing, etc.  They also learn to support and encourage each other in their musical journeys.  

Performances give them a chance to strut their stuff!  It also gives them an opportunity learn other skills such as how to create a powerful set list, what to bring to a gig, how to do a sound check, and how to be an entertainer, not just a musician.

These experiences foster a greater understanding of how to work in groups, they develop social skills, and build confidence. It all ends up being huge fun for everybody. Lifelong friendships are made here. 

Rehearsals are 2.25 hrs.  The cost is $70.

Other Services

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In addition to teaching, I offer a number of services:

  • Studio vocal coaching

  • Lyric critiques

  • Song critiques

  • Vocal comping

  • Backup vocal arrangements

  • Horn & string arrangements

  • Studio musician for hire

  • Jingles

  • Solo/duo/trio or full band performances

  • House Concerts


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1-on-1 Lessons

$40 - 30 min

$60 - 45 min

$80 - 60 min

Band Rehearsals

$70 - 75 min

(Monthly or Bi-Monthly)

Preferred payment: Credit Card


Email Gwen and she'll get back to you shortly.

Phone or text: 615.482.6236

Located in East Nashville, TN, USA

Online or in-person lessons

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