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She's Incredible


I wanted to tell you how much Gwen Holt changed so much for me. I was barely able to speak into the microphone before I started taking lessons with her and now I'm doing harmonies and leads too. She's amazing and part vocal coach part singing witch doctor part therapist lol. Also, she's a bass player lol! She's incredible! She's one of those people who has had hundreds of vocal students and she has the talent and ability to find things that work for each specific person and she's dedicated to that. She's not the one of those celeb one trick coaches. 

Cassandra S

Songs more interesting


Ever wonder why some songs are compelling and some are just boring? Gwen gives you the tools and perspective to make your songs more interesting and explains why songs capture your attention. She'll explain how to combine chords melody and words to write your best songs. 

Mark G


Total Bad@$$


Gwen is a total bad@$$, and has been able to teach a punk rocker who learned to play music in a garage to sight-read and understand music theory, which is no easy feat.

Rob R

Blacklist Royals

Amazing vocal coach


Since coming to Gwen Holt Music, I have felt/ heard an amazing difference in the quality and tone of my voice. Gwen’s individualistic approach during  my sessions has built the courage and confidence needed in my delivery. Gwen is an amazing coach…highly recommended!

S. J. B. Moore

Patience and kindness


It's a wonderful opportunity to be able to learn blues harmonica from a musician as accomplished as Gwen. Her patience and professionalism, as well as her inherent kindness, make the learning process a delight.

Janet W

Blues Harmonica

A real gift


I love the way you know each kid you work with and figure out what makes them tick! You have a real gift and we’re grateful for ya!  So grateful to have you as a guide and mentor.


Jen G 

She's a legend!

Did some singing today with my vocal coach, Gwen Holt. Gwen worked with me on my last album "Little Doors" and she is once again cracking the whip getting me ready for my vocal takes next month. She's a legend!

Michael Edser

Stage name: Grayson

Tailored instruction


Excellent vocal coach. Really knows what she’s doing and also takes the time to understand my own goals and give tailored instruction that has lead to a ton of growth in not that much time!    
Working with Gwen has been fantastic! She’s very technically knowledgeable, but more importantly she’s actually taken the time to get to know my specific goals and helped me greatly towards meeting them.

Allan F

Producer, Engineer, Band Leader

She's my rock


She is my rock when I want to prepare for the studio...she helps me get my vocals strong and reliable. Gives me suggestions and feedback on lyrics and harmonies. Gwen gets my head and body working together.

Cassandra A


Life changing


Gwen’s approach is all encompassing, personal and honest.  She challenges her students to reach their potential and does so with clarity, creativity and positive energy.  My time with her so far has been life changing and I look forward to working with her more in the future!

Bryan M

Better singer


Anna is a better singer after just 3 lessons. We can tell when she sings in the car!

Blair M

Exciting to see progress


I absolutely love my voice lessons with Gwen! She is such a knowledgeable and experienced teacher! It’s really exciting to see my progress!

Mary Elizabeth L

Easy to talk to


First of all, she is so personable and easy to talk to. If you have any nerves or reservations, she will ensure that you’re comfortable and professionally help you with things that need a little tweaking.
Secondly, Gwen is clearly knowledgeable of her skill set. The lesson was very fluid and consistent. It doesn’t matter what you need to work on, she can alter the lesson to fit your needs, easily.


Heather C 

Builds confidence


Gwen is a talented, musically versatile, patient teacher who takes each student for what and where they are and builds their confidence and skill. My 8th grader just got accepted into Nashville School of the Arts Level 2 after studying with Gwen for two years. Completely professional and very inspiring!

Celeste K

Pro Singer/Mom

Passion for music


Coming from a family of luthiers, our family music business has worked with all walks of life and styles of music. I bring this up because when it came time to look for a music teacher for my daughter, I had a different perspective.  Gwen Holt has not only exceeded my wishes in her talent and musicality, but in her approach and guidance she has offered. I myself have taken a few voice lessons with her to help improve my range. Whenever I am asked or hear of someone looking for a music instructor, I always recommend Gwen and do so with complete confidence. Our family has loved having Gwen as a part of my daughter’s life for the past 6 years and we look forward to our younger daughter starting up with her in a few years. Thank you, Gwen, for sharing your gifts and passion of music with our family.

Manel Delgado

Owner - Delgado Guitars

Gets the best out of you


On all recorded tracks, she incrementally listened-in and guided me through my trouble spots so I felt more at home behind the recording mic. Her focus is on comfortably extracting the best range in the right spots, while helping to create the color and intent of the expression in a phrase or single end-note. She grounds you while instilling achievable building blocks that lend ease and confidence to the artist and the project as a whole.

Lee S

Pro Singer

Our #1 recommendation


Gwen is a fabulous piano teacher who sweetly encourages my daughter to do her best yet reinforces the importance of accuracy and good musicianship. She's our #1 recommendation.

Julie D.

Pro Singer/Mom

Kind, tireless, versatile


Working with Gwen is a fantastic experience. She is patient and kind, but doesn't pull punches when the situation calls for it. She will work tirelessly to help you reach your musical goals, and is versatile enough to pursue nearly any goal with you! 

Ryan R

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