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Gwen Holt's student on guitar

The Lillians * Six Feet Away

Lunar Eclipse * Run From Me

The Loose Cannons * Invisible Fire

The Lalalas * We Won't Give Up the Fight

Mimi & the Nates * Maybe if Only

Cassandra Sotos * Annie Oakley


Gwen Holt

Rock - "What's Up"
Blues/R&B - "Mama Drove the Getaway Car"

Ballad - vocals/guitar - "We Three Kings"
Blues - "Never Break My Stride"

written by Gwen Holt & Michael Lashinsky

Murder Ballad - "Bottoms Up"

written by Gwen Holt & Mark Wray

Ballad - "Miracle"

written by Gwen Holt & Zayn Jones

Pop/Rock -  "Illuminate the Game"

written by Gwen Holt & Mark Wray

Blues/Rock - "Memphis Mood"

written by Gwen Holt, Steve Ed Rice, Richard Ferreira

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